B.A Greek Philology, M.A Analysis and Teaching of First and Second/Foreign language

Καλώς ήρθατε! 


My name is Lydia Vadaraki and I am a teacher of modern Greek as a foreign language based in Athens, my homeland. 

I founded Oh my sweet Greece in order to help beginner and intermediate Greek language students to communicate better in modern Greek through real life dialogues and discussions on topics that speak to their minds and hearts. 

Learning Greek through real-life dialogues…

…means that using our imagination our virtual class will turn into a local shop, a picturesque café, a traditional tavern next to the sea or just a friendly get-together. And without fear or rush we will hold our conversations in these situations using authentic language while practising grammar and vocabulary. This way next time you’re here you’ll feel more confident than ever!

Learning Greek through discussions that speak to our minds and hearts…

…means that after building some basic knowledge of Greek your hobbies and interests will function as a guideline for the topics that we will cover in class. This way your world, your ideas, your memories and all these wonderful things that you want to share will motivate you and help you better remember the words that matter to…you! But, learning through discussions that speak to our heart also means that our approach will be humanistic:  Love, choices, friendship, beauty, dreams, motivation, humanistic topics inspired from ancient Greek thought will touch our minds and hearts so that learning Greek becomes an authentic Greek language journey.

Sounds interesting?

I also have an e-book!

In July 2022 I published my first printable e-book, a 56-page reader full of dialogues and useful phrases, language and cultural tips. If you know the basics and you love Crete, you will love it!

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