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Oh my sweet Greece is a Greek language school for adult learners who want to communicate better in Greek through real life dialogues and discussions on topics that speak to their minds and hearts. 

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Who we are

Based in Athens and having graduated from the faculty of Greek Philology of the National University of Athens we have a strong academic and pedagogical background in the analysis and teaching of Greek language and literature. 

Our mission is to help adult learners communicate in Greek through materials that inspire them, motivate them and engage them both cognitively and emotionally. 

For this reason:

  • we create all our materials so that we ensure that they lead to meaningful discussions with our students
  • we make Greek grammar simple throught step-by-step guides and by focusing on everyday examples
  • we design writing and speaking activities that are fun, engaging and effective 

Our approach in teaching Greek is

Communicative and Humanistic

Learning Greek through real-life dialogues…

…means that using our imagination our virtual class will turn into a local shop, a picturesque café, a traditional tavern next to the sea or just a friendly get-together. And without fear or rush we will hold our conversations in these situations using authentic language while practising grammar and vocabulary. This way whenever you’re travelling to Greece or speak with your Greek family and friends here you’ll feel more confident than ever!

Learning Greek through discussions that speak to our minds and hearts…

…means that after building some basic knowledge of Greek your hobbies and interests will function as a guideline for the topics that we will cover in class. This way your world, your ideas, your memories and all these wonderful things that you want to share will motivate you and help you better remember the words that matter to…you! But, learning through discussions that speak to our heart also means that our approach will be humanistic:  Love, choices, friendship, beauty, dreams, motivation, humanistic topics inspired from ancient Greek thought will touch our minds and hearts so that learning Greek becomes an authentic Greek language journey.

Kind words from Oh my sweet Greece students

Maria Porter
Maria PorterA2 course (mini-groups)
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Lydia’s style of teaching is a breath of fresh air! I had been taking textbook-type lessons off and on for quite some time and was growing bored and frustrated with its content. Lydia takes the “everyday” Greek language and beautifully builds curriculum based upon real life scenarios, while still paying close attention to grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure. Recently, I stepped out of my comfort zone and participated in a My Sweet Greece group class– more like a team. It really was a great opportunity for me to talk with another student– each of us with limited Greek vocabulary, yet we were still able to muddle our way through short conversations. I’m actually learning words, phrases and sentences that I get to use when poking around my little town of Nafplio! It’s a fun and effective way to learn– for transplants (like me) and tourists alike. If you want to learn Greek authentically, Oh My Sweet Greece is the way to go!
Myriam Brantus
Myriam BrantusA1 course (Kifisia in person lessons)
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Lydia is a teacher I completely recommend. Her communicative enthusiasm and various way of teaching makes learning easy, fun and very useful. Since I started the lessons, my everyday life in Greece has really improved, I understand what's going on in daily situations in the shops, interact more easily and completely read greek. Greek is the 4 th language I've learnt and one the most challenging also. I 've experienced various teachers and different ways of learning and Lydia is one of the best I've had, really involved and listening to your actual needs. Thank you Lydia, ευχαριστώ πολύ :)!
Louisa Ankringa
Louisa AnkringaA1 course (mini-group)
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My boyfriend and I decided to move to Greece. And of course it is necessary to learn the local language when living somewhere. Lydia is a very knowledgable and enthusiastic teacher with a love for the Greek language. She developed all of her materials herself and they are highly effective!! I started as a complete beginner with no prior knowledge of Greek. After finishing the A1 course with Lydia, I am able to use the Greek language for every day life and hold small talk. I feel like Lydia teaches all aspects of the language well: speaking, reading, writing, and listening.
Elise Sabev
Elise SabevA1 course (in person)
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After having a close look at your website, I got the impression that you were an eager and very sweet teacher who pulls for her students. And I’m glad to say that I was right! Since I started from scratch I feel I have improved on all aspects. I really enjoy how you adapt grammar into real life situations for your students. You have a common curriculum set for everyone, but the execution is dependent on the topics of natural conversation happening between you and your student.
Lorna Windsor
Lorna Windsor B2 course
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I enrolled in this course as I've very little experience or confidence in speaking modern Greek. The course was well thought out and constructed. The participants could choose their theme and develop it according to their taste and knowledge of spoken Greek. The idea of recording brief messages was brilliant!! I found that it was a way of identifying the same (annoying) faults we tend to make when trying to speak a new language, and my tutor was great at picking them out and explaining why and how to correct them.
Barbara Norvell
Barbara NorvellB1 course (mini-groups)
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I absolutely love my classes with Lydia. I started classes with her with little more than a basic level of Greek and know she has helped me move to a better conversation level. I still have a long way to go before fluency, but with her help and incredible teaching skills I am sure I will progress further. She has helped me to form a better understanding of the Greek language and its nuances. She is very patient even about simple mistakes and makes the learning process very comfortable and varied and most importantly is completely non judgemental. I can't recommend her highly enough.
Tiziano Salerno
Tiziano SalernoA1, A2, B1 course (private)
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I wanted to learn Greek in order to be able to use it in social and work situations. What I liked most was the method. Oh my sweet Greece teaching method: relaxed, joyful, practical!
Edda Roeland
Edda RoelandA1, A2 course (private)
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I enrolled in this course because we moved to Greece, and I therefore I wanted to learn the language. What I like the most in the course is Lydia -of course- and her course material. She can pick you up, where you are (i did a beginners course in my hometown already) and start from there. Secondly the topics are from day to day life, so very usefull and better to remember. If I have an answer or feel I have problems with something we did quite a while ago, we again discuss it and she explains it again. Ι am getting more confident in understading and speaking when spoken to.
Bianca McCollum
Bianca McCollumB1 course (mini-groups)
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I joined this course because I thought it would be a good opportunity to practice conversational skills, which is one of my biggest weaknesses in Greek and I can already see the improvement. I love how you have structured lesson plans but you also allow flexibility for the natural flow of conversation. And...yes to homework! I really like the mixing of it with conversational classes, because it gives us a chance to try and use it in context in a real unscripted scenario.
Georgia Angelakis
Georgia AngelakisB1 course (mini-groups)
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I was very apprehensive to do group classes. I wanted the full attention of a teacher. However I changed my mind completely after my first group class with Lydia. She was very attentive to both of our needs, and it was great to have a third person to bounce ideas off of. I highly recommend group classes with Lydia!