About us

Lydia Vadaraki


I am based in the northern suburbs of Athens where I was born and raised. Being passionate about Greek language, mythology and literature I studied Greek Philology at the National University of Athens. My professional experience as a teacher of Modern Greek language to adult learners started in 2014. In the following years I collaborated with Greek schools, embassies and foreign companies whose executives are based in Athens.

In 2019 I founded Oh my sweet Greece in order to help adult learners better communicate in Greek through carefully designed materials that engage them cognitively and emotionally.

In 2022 I received my Masters’ in Analysis and Teaching Methods of the first and second/foreign language. In my Master Thesis I investigated and applied methods that contribute to the design of effective language materials. 

My favourite moto:

“In order for learners to acquire a second language they need to think and feel in the process of acquiring it” ~ Brian Tomlinson

Katerina Kotsaki


Born and raised in Athens, I fell in love with the Greek language, literature and culture during my school years and participated in plenty of projects and activities related to Greek language and heritance. Following my passion I studied Greek Philology at the National University of Athens. I have been teaching Modern and Ancient Greek language and literature since 2017 and I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm with my students. 

This is the reason why I fully embrace the communicative and humanistic approach in language learning that Oh my sweet Greece is build on and I consider it to be the best and most effective way to learn a new language; engaging the student cognitively and emotionally.

My favourite moto: 

“Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.” ~ Flora Lewis