Greek group lessons

Rediscover your Greek in mini-groups

online mini-group classes for learners who want to boost their speaking confidence while interacting with other people

Who is it for?

“Rediscover your Greek” mini-group language courses are for students who know the very basics (i.e. their level is A1.2) and they want to improve their Greek while boosting their speaking confidence through engaging, interactive activities with other learners of the same language level.

Who is it not for?

Complete beginners (Α1.1)

You can learn more about language levels here

You will...

Let's have a look inside

#1 Specific goals

Before you start you will receive a plan with the language topics of your language level that we will cover during our meetings. This way you will have a concise idea of what we will practise in class but also you will be able self-assess yourself.

#2 Thinking and speaking in Greek together!

Being in a small group is the best opportunity to let fear behind and start interacting in Greek. You will try to solve problems with other students, exchange ideas and participate in role-playing games that will loosen your tongue and improve your fluency.

#3 Vocabulary and grammar instruction

You will boost your vocabulary and improve your accuracy through bite-sized grammar lessons.

#4 Homework

You will receive out-of-class assignments. My detailed feedback will give you a personalised experience and help you detect your own language mistakes.

Georgia Angelakis, sweet Greek learner from U.S.A (B1 level course)

"I was very apprehensive to do group classes."

I was very apprehensive to do group classes. I wanted the full attention of a teacher. However I changed my mind completely after my first group class with Lydia. She was very attentive to both of our needs, and it was great to have a third person to bounce ideas off of. I highly recommend group classes with Lydia!”


deadline: Sunday, April 30th

New groups are starting on May 2nd

📚 Mini group lessons are 12 weeks long (one learning circle). We meet once a week for 75 mins. Each learning circle is paid in advance. 


228 euros

What's next?


Fill out and send us the application form that you'll find below.


Complete the placement test that you'll receive.


Within 24 hours you will receive more info about the course that suits you best.

In case of any other questions you might have, we can always meet online for a free consultation session. 😊


When enrolllments are open, complete the enrollment form and get ready for your first mini-group lesson!

"I love how you have structured lesson plans"

" I joined this course because I thought it would be a good opportunity to practice conversational skills, which is one of my biggest weaknesses in Greek and I can already see the improvement. I love how you have structured lesson plans but you also allow flexibility for the natural flow of conversation. And...yes to homework! I really like the mixing of it with conversational classes, because it gives us a chance to try and use it in context in a real unscripted scenario."
Bianca McCollum, sweet Greek learner from U.S.A. (B1 level course)

You've got Q's? I've got A's.

No. 🙂 All the lessons’ materials are designed and provided by me so that I can ensure that lessons’ topics will matter to you

Via your debit card, credit card, bank transfer or Paypal. 


Group classes cannot be rescheduled. 

You will receive the lesson recording so that you can easily catch up.

Of course you can form a mini-group together as long as you are at the same language level! Just write us a line!