Language levels

Language prerequisites for each course

 Below you will find a basic description of what learners are expected to be able to do before joining each language course. This description is based on the latest revision and refinement of CEFR (Common European Framework of Languages) in 2008. For a more in-depth analysis of your language level
I will ask you to complete a placement test before you enroll. The results of the placement test along with my feedback will help you choose the best course according to your strengths and skills.

A1.1 level course

Learners who do not know how to read and write in Greek. They may just know how to greet and ask “how are you?” in Greek. 

A1.2 level course

Learners who already know the Greek alphabet, how to greet and give basic info about themselves. They can also order a coffee or buy something in a very simple way. However they cannot  effectively interact in basic everyday situations.

A2 / A2+ level course

Learners who are able to understand basic dialogues and communicate in basic, everyday situations when the other person speaks slowly, clearly and is prepared to help. However, learners need to put the words together faster, review the basic grammar and become more accurate while expanding their vocabulary. 

B1 / B1+ level course

Learners who can already communicate in a simple way  to different areas of everyday life. However, they cannot deal with most situations when they talk with native speakers.   


B2 level course

Learners who already sufficiently communicate with native speakers and can deal with most everyday situations without problems. However, they still cannot successfully negotiate and spontaneously explain their viewpoints on various and  complex topics.


New groups for A1.2, A2/A2+ and B1/B1+
are starting in October 2022.

Admissions are open!
Application deadline: September 28th