The Greek Grammar Lab

Let's practice Greek Grammar together

When I was in High School and later at University we had a LOT of grammar to study (Ancient Greek grammar, Modern Greek grammar, Latin grammar, French grammar…) and I remember that what helped me the most was doing activities while having a good answer key book or -ideally- a tutor who would explain to me why something is the way it is, show my how people use grammar in order to communicate and create fun activities for me. This personal experience along with my love for grammar gave birth to… “The Greek Grammar Lab”. 

Join me in the lab and 


– understand key grammar points
– see how can use grammar communicative
– discover ways in order to make grammar practice interesting, fun and engaging
– correct together students’ writings
– connect! 😊

I hope that you will enjoy it and most importantly find it useful!

Tα λέμε στην τάξη!