Learn Greek with me (old)

"In order for learners to acquire a second language they need to think and feel in the process of acquiring it"

Brian Tomlinson

General Greek courses (all levels)

My general Greek language courses are targeted at students who wish to acquire Greek gradually and thoroughly by developing the four essential language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Conversational courses (A2+, B1, B2)

My conversational courses are attentively designed in order to help you start communicating in Greek from the very first lesson.

Asynchronous Programs

If you do not have time for live lessons or if you just want some extra speaking support then my Greek speaking programs are here to help you practice speaking in an engaging, fun and motivating way.

My teaching philosophy

I believe that truly knowing a language (native or foreign) means to effectively communicate in that language. I want my students to feel confident when they interact with locals, when they argue or when they express their ideas, desires, plans during conversations with Greeks. As a foreign language learner and teacher I focus on communication and my teaching methods are based on that perspective. Both courses and programs require from students to leave their fears behind and start having fun while learning and practicing the Modern Greek language in real-life communicational situations.