Conversational Greek lessons

Let's put the words together and start communicating!

Have you been studying Greek at some point in the past and although you know the basic grammar rules and many words you are still very reluctant when it’s time to speak? Have you followed a learning path that focused on grammar and you still cannot put the words together and communicate? Or do you want to feel more confident in conversations with native speakers using expressions and phrases that Greeks actually use in their daily conversations?
If you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions then my conversational courses are here for you. As a native Greek speaker and seasoned coach, I am here to help you achieve fluency and accuracy through meaningful topics that speak to your mind and heart.  

#1 What's the structure of each lesson?

Each conversation is developed around specific grammatical, lexical and communicational goals. For example, we practise past tenses while talking about our personal experiences or we learn how to give our opinion and discuss about the pros and cons while watching videos and answering to the questions that come up. There is always a plan with specific objectives so that we can be aware of what we're practising each time.

#2 What topics will we talk about?

The material of our lessons is based on topics that spark meaningful conversations and -of course- topics that matter to you. We will engage in interesting conversations through relevant, authentic materials. During our conversations, I will introduce new vocabulary and phrases according to our topic and we'll also learn how to use grammar effectively in order to succesfully communicate.

#3 What about homework?

In order for accuracy and fluency to be developed speaking as often as we can is very important. Therefore, apart from our live sessions I assign to my students weekly speaking tasks that they answer and send it to me for feedback through Whatsapp application. However, in case of the group lessons there is the option lesson without homework.

" I joined this course because I thought it would be a good opportunity to practice conversational skills, which is one of my biggest weaknesses in Greek. I love how you have structured lesson plans but you also allow flexibility for the natural flow of conversation. And...yes to homework! I really like the mixing in of grammar with conversational classes, because it gives us a chance to try and use it in context in a real unscripted scenario."
Bianca McCollum
B1 level
"Every lesson is tailor-made! The topics of each lesson are very interesting and linked to your hobbies! My speaking improved significantly after a year with Lydia. Keep up the good work!"
Laura Voicu
B2 level
"Lydia has an individual approach making you learn language and enrich your vocabulary drastically very fast. All materials are provided in a very convenient way, and the lessons with Lydia are covering a lot of topics and always bringing something new. I would recommend Lydia as a great professional and a very hardworking person and last but absolutely not least she has an amazing personality! I improved my grammar, conversational skills and in general explored etymology of Greek language. It was very helpful in understanding the language rather than just memorizing new words."
Lizi Maia Amiragova
B1 level
"After having lessons that focused only on grammar I decided to look for a different approach. I am so grateful for finding Lydia. Now I am able to speak with my husband and his Greek family."
Konstantina K.
A2 level
"I too love the way you explore the different concepts of learning and apply them in meaningful ways. You are a wonderful natural teacher who cares about learning. It's a gift!"
Barbara Norvell
B1 level


No it is not, as we will start discussing in Greek from the very first lesson and you need a basic knowledge of Greek. This type of courses is targeted at people who have completed the A2 level of modern Greek language. 

If your level is lower you can enroll to my General Greek courses as we emphasize on speaking while learning the necessary grammar and vocabulary.   

All lessons are currently conducted online.

Yes. My mini-groups are limited to maximum 3 partictipants in order to ensure the active participation of all students. All the necessary info about the group courses (level, type of course, fees, enrollment deadlines) are announced on my social media and on this website. You can also subscribe to my mailing list and you will be notified via email. 

No, all the necessary material is “home-made” as my mission is to help to practice your Greek through engaging topics. In order to learn how to make principled language materials I successfully completed the “Materials development for language teaching” course provided by NILE institute. I also designed affective and cognitively engaging materials for A2 and B1 levels of Greek as part of my Master Thesis. 

New mini - group conversational lessons starting soon!!!

for students who want to start communicating in Greek

Starting on Friday, April 29th

  • Number of participants: max. 3 students
  • Where: Οnline via Zoom
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • When - group "Nestor", Fridays at 6.30 - 7.30 pm (Athens local time)
  • When - group "Menelaus", Fridays at 8.00 - 9.00 pm (Athens local time)

Basic plan

10 group sessions / 60 mins per lesson

hand-made materials in pdf form

free access to Quizlet class
for vocabulary learning and practice outside of our lessons

suggestions for out-of-class activities (no feedback)



Pro plan

10 group sessions / 60 mins per lesson

hand-made materials in pdf form

free access to Quizlet class
for vocabulary learning and practice outside of our lessons

2 weekly speaking tasks via Whatsapp with feedback for speaking practice throughout the week 
(you can repeat them as many times as you like!) 

biweekly written assignment with feedback

If you like the idea, fill out the following

form in order to receive an assessment test*.

* this test helps me form groups of students with a similar speaking level