Conversational Greek lessons

Conversations in Greek

online conversational greek language courses for students who love expressing their ideas in Greek

You’ve been studying Greek for more than one year or perhaps for a long time in the past and although you know the basic grammar and vocabulary and you’re accurate enough, you still do not feel confident when it’s time to speak. You would say that you’re around A2+ level of Greek but you lack of confidence…


You did it! You are able to express yourself in Greek but you’re struggling to find a friendly environment with interesting and engaging topics to talk about. You’re a survivor, you’re a B1+  learner, you love Greek and you want to maintain the fruits of your own hard work through lessons that inspire you and motivate you.

I hear you! I see you. I’ve been to both of these places as a learner of foreign languages myself and I know exactly how it feels.

"Conversations in Greek"

Who is it for?

“Conversations in Greek” Greek language courses are targeted at students who:
1. have completed A2 level but they want to actually start using what’s in their heads in everyday conversations with their Greek friends, family and locals


2. have complete B1 level and they want to maintain and improve their fluency through topics that matter to them.  


Let's have a look inside!

#1 Lessons' structure

We will hold conversations based on pictures, short audio stories, short videos and texts.
This way you will have the necessary input that engages your mind and heart and gives you plenty of ideas to talk about. We will not just answer a lifeless list of questions.

#2 Topics

The material of our lessons is based on topics that spark meaningful conversations and -of course- topics that matter to you. Food, house and decor, life in Greece, books, everyday stories between couples or friends are among my students' most favourite speaking topics. What about you? You'll have to tell me!

#3 Homework

Yes, if you want to! There is the option to add written or oral activities in your speaking course (they both help your fluency and accuracy) for more practice during the week!

Bianca McCollum, sweet Greek learner from U.S.A

"I love how you have structured lesson plans"

" I joined this course because I thought it would be a good opportunity to practice conversational skills, which is one of my biggest weaknesses in Greek and I can already see the improvement. I love how you have structured lesson plans but you also allow flexibility for the natural flow of conversation. And...yes to homework! I really like the mixing of it with conversational classes, because it gives us a chance to try and use it in context in a real unscripted scenario."
Georgia Angelakis, sweet Greek learner from U.S.A

"I was very apprehensive to do group conversational classes."

I was very apprehensive to do group conversational classes. I wanted the full attention of a teacher. However I changed my mind completely after my first group class with Lydia. She was very attentive to both of our needs, and it was great to have a third person to bounce ideas off of. I highly recommend group classes with Lydia!”

Class format

You can choose between:

55-min private lessons
(available anytime throughout the year)

We meet oncetwice or three times per week according to your schedule. It’s up to you!

27 euros / lesson

Discounts for packages of 10 and 20 lessons.

75-min mini group lessons
(admissions are open on specific dates)

We meet once a week (2-4 students) for 12 weeks (one learning circle).

19 euros / lesson

🦉Special early bird and “bring a friend” discounts. 

📚 Mini group lessons are 12 weeks long (one learning circle). Fees are paid in
advance for 12 weeks.

More info:

📅 Next groups start in: October 2022

📜 Join the waiting list to be notified first about early bird discounts, dates and times.

Are you ready to enjoy your Greek lessons while getting the results you've been looking for?

I'm in! What's next?

You've got Q's? I've got A's.

I use ZOOM. 🙂 
It’s easy to use and students can annotate too!

You will receive the lesson recording so that you can easily catch up.

Group classes cannot be rescheduled. 
Private classes can be rescheduled. You may cancel or reschedule a lesson up to 12 hours before the appointment time, without any charge. After that the lesson fee will be withheld. In case of a last minute cancellation by me the next lesson will be for free. All cancellation or postponement requests must be made in writing. 

That’s great! Of course you can form a mini-group together as long as you are at the same language level! You’ll also have a “bring a friend” discount to your fees!

Group classes start and finish every 12 weeks. However,  if for any reason you cannot attend one or more group classes you will receive a video recording from our class along with the lessons’ material. I will also correct your homework and send you personalised feedback. 

In case of private classes you can take a break whenever you like and use your remaining lessons whenever you are ready again. However, we might need to set a new day and/or time.

You will not need a book for your conversational lessons. All the lessons material are provided by me and you receive them in pdf form after each class. 

It depends on your level!

Via your debit card, credit card or Paypal.