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Your dream

Have you been studying Greek for a long time and although you know the basic grammar rules and many words you are still very reluctant when it’s time to speak? Do you want to feel more confident in conversations with native speakers using expressions and phrases that Greeks actually use in their daily conversations?

Or.. do you want to expand your vocabulary on topics of your interest? If you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions then this course is here for you. As a native Greek speaker I am here to help you achieve fluency. 

Keep reading to see how it works!

#1 Trial lesson: Let's meet each other!

During the free, online trial lesson we will meet each other and we will start our first conversation in Greek through various activities. We will discuss together about your personal goals and needs and we will find the topics that you would love to talk about. I will ask you to share with me your hobbies, your interests, the things that you love and also what kind of conversations you would like to be having in Greek.

#2 Pursue your interests while practicing Greek!

The material of our lessons will be based on the topics of your preference. We will engage in interesting conversations through relevant, authentic materials. During the conversation, I will introduce new vocabulary and phrases according to our topic and we'll also learn how to use grammar effectively in order to succesfully communicate.

#3 Ideas and suggestions for outside class practice

After each session I will encourage you to prepare a short assignment for our next lesson. It can be a written or recorded paragraph or any other activity which will be based on the topics that we covered together in class and which you will ask from you to produce speech in Greek. The reason why I strongly recommend this is because it will allow you to use in practice all the new words and ways of expression that we will discover together in class.


No it is not, as  we will start discussing in Greek from the very first moment and you need a basic knowledge of Greek. This type of courses is targeted at people who have completed the first (A1) level of modern Greek language. 

You can, however, enroll to my General Greek courses as we emphasize on speaking while learning the necessary grammar and vocabulary.   

All lessons are conducted face-to-face in Athens or online depending on your area.

Yes, but the enrollment to group courses is not available during the whole year. Groups are limited to 2-3 partictipants in order to ensure the active participation of all students. All the necessary info about the group courses (level, type of course, fees, enrollment deadlines) are announced on my social media and on this website. You can also subscribe to my mailing list and you will be notified via email. 

No, all the necessary material is provided by me in pdf form. 

Other questions?

I will be happy to answer all your questions during the online trial lesson or at info@ο