Better conversations in Greek – 4-week speaking program

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Grammar rules, exceptions and activities,
nominative, accusative, genitive, irregular and regular verbs
lists of words and expressions
I feel that I cannot communicate and hold a conversation in Greek.  
I cannot start or end a conversation naturally.
I am not sure if I can express myself politely and I feel that I sound blunt and monotonous.

Does this sound familiar?

I hear you.

Being able to converse well and effectively is a far different story than simply knowing words and grammar rules.
In a live conversation you do not have enough time to think and prepare yourself as you do in an email or even in an oral presentation. Plus, a grammatically correct sentence does not necessarily mean that it is what Greek people actually use in their daily conversations. 

For all these reasons, you need to have a variety of spoken strategies in hand, you need to know how to use the grammar that you know in order to communicate and most importantly you need a safe place to experiment, a place where you can practice without rush or fear.

If you want to really start communicating – and not just speaking in Greek then I invite you to join my 4-week speaking program “Better conversations in Greek”. During these 4 weeks you will practice and improve your communicational skills in Greek through conversations on topics that matter to you.

What you will learn and practice

1. how to start a conversation
2. how to express your opinion and ask others’ opinion politely
3. how to agree and disagree politely
4. how to ask and give advice and instructions
5. how to express your preferences and ask others’ preferences politely
6. how to compare and contrast
7. how to express posibility and probability

                                                    while talking about things that matter to you 🙂 

How it works

#1 Let’s talk about things that we love

After enrolling to the “Better conversations in Greek” program you will receive a list of topics to choose from. You can also suggest your own topics for conversation if there is something special that you would like to talk about. We will focus on one topic and one or two communicative functions per week. For example: Week 1 – books + how to start a conversation and express your opinion , Week 2 – travelling + agree and disagree, Week 3 – food + ask and give instructions, Week 4 – sports

#2 Your sweet Greek workbook

Every week you will receive a chapter from the written-for-you sweet Greek workbook including:
theory and examples (in written and oral form) written by a certified coach and teacher
fun and interesting sets of speaking activities based on the topics of your preference to inspire interesting and meaningful conversations in Greek.

#3 Time for practice

Each workbook includes 3 sets of speaking activities.
With the help of your workbook you will record your answers (using any recording device) in your own time and email them to me (separately or all at once). Each set of activities has specific goals, minimum + maximum recording time to help you shape your answer accordingly. 

#4 Feedback: the juicy part!

Within 48 hours you will receive a detailed oral and written feedback with corrections and suggestions. You can rerecord yourself as many times as you want and send your answers to me for extra corrections. 


I will be more than happy to invite you to my “Betters conversations in Greek speaking forum”, a small forum for the members of my speaking workshop where you can ask your questions, post and share if you like! I will be there in order to answer your questions, share video tutorials with sweet speaking tips and challenges

Enjoy the pleasure of truly communicating in Greek ~ Make new friends  ~
Practice your Greek from wherever you are!


Other questions?

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